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Сайты парапсихологических организаций и парапсихологической тематики

1. Глобальный Сознательный Проект - представительство в России.
Цель проекта состоит в доказательстве прямого влияния человеческого сознания на материальный мир в глобальном масштабе. Многолетние международные эксперименты физиков показывают, что эмоциональные состояния людей или сознательное намерение могут воздействовать на поведение электронных устройств типа генераторов случайных чисел (REG).
2. Сайт фонда парапсихологии им.Л.Л.Васильева

1. The website of the Koestler Parapsychology Unit (KPU) at the University of Edinburgh.
2. Society for Psychical Research.
The Society for Psychical Research was founded in 1882 by a distinguished group of Cambridge scholars. Its purpose was to examine allegedly paranormal phenomena in a scientific and unbiased way, and it was the first society of its kind in the world.
The purpose of the Society for Psychical Research is to advance the understanding of events and abilities commonly described as 'psychic' or 'paranormal', without prejudice and in a scientific manner.
3. American Society for Psychical Research.
The American Society for Psychical Research is the oldest psychical research organization in the United States. For more than a century, the ASPR has supported the scientific investigation of extraordinary or as yet unexplained phenomena that have been called psychic or paranormal.
4. Parapsychological Association, Inc.
The Parapsychological Association, Inc. is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
The P.A. is proud of its membership and its sponsored activities. We encourage persons in the academic community to consider joining our organization and participating with us in the scientific research, discussion and exploration of parapsychology.
5. Parapsychology Foundation.
The Parapsychology Foundation was established in 1951 to encourage and support impartial scientific inquiry into the psychical aspects of human nature such as telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, and psychokinesis.
6. Society for Scientific Exploration.
Our Society was founded in 1982 by a committee of fourteen scientists and scholars who had identified the need for a new type of scientific organization, one that would foster the study of all questions that are amenable to scientific investigation without restriction.
7. Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Scientific Study of Consciousness-Related Physical Phenomena.
The Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) program was established at Princeton University in 1979 by Robert G. Jahn, then Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science, to pursue rigorous scientific study of the interaction of human consciousness with sensitive physical devices, systems, and processes common to contemporary engineering practice. Since that time, an interdisciplinary staff of engineers, physicists, psychologists, and humanists has been conducting a comprehensive agenda of experiments and developing complementary theoretical models to enable better understanding of the role of consciousness in the establishment of physical reality.
8. The Rhine Research Center.
The Rhine Research Center is a non-profit research and education organization established to explore the unusual types of experiences that suggest capabilities as yet unrecognized in the domain of human personality, and to investigate those capabilities thoroughly by exact scientific methods. The Center is successor to the Duke University Parapsychology Laboratory and carries forward that famed laboratory's research mission and educational programs.
The Rhine Research Center strives to facilitate communication between parapsychology and other academic disciplines for which the understanding of parapsychological (or Psi) experiences holds great relevance. It functions as an independent international center, coordinating efforts on the common objective of understanding human potential.
9. The RetroPsychoKinesis Project.
The RetroPsychoKinesis Project Founded by Matthew R.Watkins School of Classics, Philosophy and Religious Studies University of Kent at Canterbury, UK. Project Supervisor: Peter Moore
Theoretical model of a purported empirical violation of the predictions of quantum theory.
10. The Consciousness Research Laboratory.
The Consciousness Research Laboratory (CRL) conducts scientific research on commonly-reported but poorly understood human experiences called "psychic" (Psi for short, see our FAQ). CRL focuses on controlled laboratory studies of mind-matter interaction phenomena, distant healing intentionality, clairvoyance and precognition. On rare occasions, we investigate reportedly haunted sites, persons who claim exceptional psychic abilities, and possible Psi-related factors associated with the casino and lottery industries.
11. Cognitive Sciences Laboratory.
For over 20 years, the Cognitive Sciences Laboratory (CSL) has been the center for government-sponsored parapsychology research in support of its intelligence program most recently known as STAR GATE. CSL is a part of the  Laboratories for Fundamental Research.
The laboratory is a center for interdisciplinary research devoted to understanding a wide range of human experience. In addition to exploring parapsychological phenomena, the Cognitive Sciences Laboratory's charter extends to allied fields such as consciousness research, cognitive neuroscience, perception, physiology, psychology and physics.
12. PSYCHOGNOSIA   -  a privately-funded, not-for-profit centre for multidisciplinary research and parapsychological investigations into anomalous phenomena and related disciplines, including such areas as reincarnation, past-life memories, poltergeist & haunting phenomena, mediumship, extra sensory perception (ESP), altered states of consciousness, out-of-body (OOBE) & near-death (NDE) experiences, psychokinesis (PK), intentional healing and consciousness generally. Co-directors, John Knowles, M.A., and Linda Leblanc studied at the Institute for Parapsychology (Rhine Research Center), Durham, North Carolina, U.S.A.
13. Psychical Research Foundation   -  Scientifically studies death survival, mediums, reincarnation memories, transpersonal consciousness, ESP, hauntings and poltergeists.
14. Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.
The Institute offers accredited residential and distance learning graduate programs in transpersonal psychology. Curriculum emphasizes intellectual enrichment, professional training and personal transformation with a focus on six core areas of study: intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical, creative and community. Counseling/Clinical training available.
15. Charles T.Tart, Professor Core Faculty Institute of Transpersonal Psychology Palo Alto, California.
If you're interested in areas like consciousness, altered states of consciousness, dreams, Gurdjieff, hypnosis, meditation, mindfulness, personal growth, parapsychology, transpersonal psychology, or how to be both a scientific person and a spiritual seeker, there's good quality material here for you.
16. The Monroe Institute.
We promote the evolution of human consciousness and the development of other states of awareness through personal experience using an audio technology called Hemi-Sync. The Monroe Institute is a non-profit research and educational organization which has investigated human consciousness for over forty years.
17. Center for Parapsychological Studies in Canada.
18. On-Line Academic Course of Empirical and Theoretical Parapsychology of Amsterdam's University.
19. German Institut fur Grenzgebiete der Psychologie und Psychohygiene e.V. (IGPP)
The Institute was founded in 1950 by Professor Hans Bender (1907-1991), the pioneer of German post-war parapsychology. The institute also serves as an historical/archival center for written material relevant to the development of German psychical research from its forerunners, spiritism and occultism, to present day parapsychology.
20. The Austrian Society for Parapsychology and Border Areas of Science.
21. Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research.
22. Latin American Institute for Parapsychology in Portuguese.
23. Japanese Society for Parapsychology   -  academic society for parapsychology established in Tokyo in 1968.
24. International Society of Life Information Science (ISLIS), Japan.
Our Society, ISLIS, wishes to change the scientific paradigm, neither with an illogical jump by a denial of the science in the 20th century, nor with a rigid adherence to the existing frame, but with research to provide steady and reliable data on life information sciences.
25. The Institute for Frontier Science.
The Institute for Frontier Science (IFS) is a nonprofit corporation founded in 1996 to foster and maintain research, education, and information exchange at the frontiers of science, technology, wellness and healthcare, consciousness, and the mind-body-spirit.
26. PEER  -  Program for Extraordinary Experience Research.
PEER contributes to the scientific and philosophical exploration of experiences that do not fit our usual understanding of reality.
27. Spiritweb ORG, promoting spiritual consciousness on the internet.
28. ASSAP - The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena.
29. Perrott-Warrick Research Unit - Research into psychology and parapsychology at the University of Hertfordshire, UK.
30. Southeast Institute of Parapsychology   -  working with spirit to expand awareness of consciousness and confirming the existence of life after the change called death.
31. Association for transpersonal psychology.
32. Australian Transpersonal Institute and Association Inc.
33. Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology Research Unit   -  Liverpool John Moores University, UK.
34. The Centre of Study of a Parapsychology of Bologna.
The Centro Studi Parapsicologici (C.S.P.) of Bologna is the most important Italian Association for the study of paranormal phenomena according to the scientific method.
35. Phoenix Paranormal Investigations  are dedicated and committed to the investigation, documentation and sometimes removal of paranormal phenomena across the British Isles.
36. The International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS).
37. Children's Past Lives.
Only recently have children's past lives been researched and documented. Now we know that these memories happen naturally to young children in all countries of the world, regardless of the beliefs of their parents. They can happen any time to any very young child, but parents often don't notice because they don't know it's possible or don't know what to look for.
38. Explore Parapsychology.
Web-site of Michael Daniels,  Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology Research Unit Liverpool John Moores University, UK.
39. GNOSIS   -  association for multidisciplinary research on the hypothesis of survival.
The Association was created as a reponse - which can be put off no longer - to the problem facing man's conscience and reason with regard to the question of the possible existence of a self-aware, autonomous nucleus, indipendent of bio-physical laws and capable of operating on its own, that is to say, of continuing to function with intelligenge and power of decision even after the dissolution of the biological organism.
40. Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS).
For 25 years, the Institute of Noetic Sciences has been at the forefront of research and education in consciousness and human potential.
41. The New Millennium Institute.
The New Millennium Institute offers educational retreats on the Big Island of Hawaii in co-operation with The Institute of Noetic Sciences. We combine the beauty of Hawaii with the powerful intellectual and spiritual stimulation of new paradigm thinkers. Emphasis is on Native wisdom and culture, sacred sites, ecology, star gazing, volcanoes, yoga and health.
42. Reincarnation ontogenesis of personality.
The analysis of Russian Internet resources's content in thematic orientation of paranormal psychic phenomena, transpersonal psychology, psychophysics, public healing, indicate on single existing publications in scientific-researching direction. Alongside with it esoteric publications quantity are steadily grows.

Uri Geller's Home Page, The Truth about Uri Geller.


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